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The first product from Toft Audio Designs is the ATC-2 dual channel F.E.T compressor, four band equalizer and mic pre-amplifier.

List Price | $1399.99 US | £799.99 UK | €1,195.99 EU |



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• High quality mic pre-amp with selectable 48 volt phantom
power, direct instrument input and selectable line input.

• Classic F.E.T compressor with variable attack, release and
ratio. V.U. metering shows gain reduction and output level.

• Extremely musical four band equalization with shelving high and low frequencies having selectable turnover points. Two individual swept mid ranges and 50Hz low pass filter.

• Stereo link facility for the two compressors means they can operate individually or as a stereo pair.
• Compact 2U rack mounting unit effectively provides two feature packed recording channels in one conveniently sized rack unit.

• Balanced xlr input for mic, balanced xlr and jack for line input and line output.

• 1/4” thick anodized aluminum sculptured front panel and solid construction.

• Extremely competitive price.
Technical Specifications

Microphone Impedance:
>1.2K- ohm balanced
Line Impedance:
>15K ohm electronically balanced
Instrument Impedance:
>100K ohm unbalanced
Microphone Gain:
Line Gain:
-20 to +20dB
Instrument Gain:
Output Impedances:
XLR: <100 ohm electronically balanced Jack: <100 ohm unbalanced
Microphone Input Noise:
Microphone: <-128dBu ref 150 ohm (20Hz-20kHz)
Line Input Noise:
Line: <-75dBu (Eq. In, 20Hz-20kHz) <-70dBu (Compressor In, 20Hz-20kHz)
Maximum Mic Levels:
Mic Input: <+24dBu at all frequencies (Compressor out)<+15dBu at all frequencies (Compressor in
Maximum Line Levels:
Line Input: <+24dBu at all frequencies (Compressor out)<+15dBu at all frequencies (Compressor in)
Maximum Instrument Levels:
Instrument Input: <+24dBu at all frequencies (Compressor out) <+15dBu at all frequencies (Compressor in)